Bronze Nameplate

For Mausoleum Crypt

A Mausoleum Crypt is an above ground building with a granite facade. A full-casketed body is placed within the unit, the unit is then sealed, and granite facade is placed back on the outside of the unit. A burial vault is not needed with the use of a Mausoleum Crypt. A single crypt can accomodate one standard sized casket.

A Bronze nameplate is included in the cost of an above-ground crypt. A crypt nameplate has one line for the full name, and the birthyear and deathyear are also displayed as seen in the photo below.

Flower vases are also available for above-ground crypts at an additional cost. There are three options for brass flower vases, and the cost is $440.24 after tax and installation. The three flower vase options are shown in the photos below.