Upright Monument

For an Upright Monument Lot

A Monument can only be placed on a Monument Lot. A Monument Lot is pre-determined in our cemetery, where the lot is large enough to accomodate a monument, and also allow for adequate space in between other monuments. This is to allow equipment in and out of our sections, and also to keep a uniform look within the cemetery.

You must have the right to be able to place a monument on the lot in order to do so. Those rights are purchased at the time of purchasing lots, and like stated, those lots are in specific areas. If you are unsure that you can place a monument, please Contact Us to verify.

All monuments are required to be made of solid granite, and the type of granite is what drives the cost of a monument. There are 6 price tiers for granite monuments. Tier 1 is the least expensive, all the way to Tier 6. The photos below show a up close picture of the granite, when you click on the granite, it will show you what it will look like as a monument, and also see the price.

The pricing options shown are for two different sizes. There are several additional items that can go with a monument purchase. You can have vases, porcelain or bronze photos attatched as well for an additional cost. Contact the cemetery for more information.

  • Georgia Grey Price Tier 1
  • Morning Rose Price Tier 2
  • Mahagony Price Tier 2
  • India Black Price Tier 3
  • Rainbow Price Tier 3
  • St. Cloud Grey Price Tier 3
  • Colonial Rose Price Tier 3
  • Barre Grey Price Tier 4
  • Coral Blue Price Tier 4
  • Swan Mist Price Tier 4
  • Academy Black Price Tier 5
  • India Red Price Tier 5
  • Jet Black Price Tier 5
  • Blue Pearl Price Tier 6
  • Impala Black Price Tier 6

  • The next step is choosing a design. Here are several designs to choose from. Click on a design to enlarge it.

  • Once you have a granite type and design chosen, click here to contact us, and we can guide you through the next steps in purchasing a memorial. We will also need to know whom the memorial is for to verify you are looking at the correct size memorial. Unfortunately, since we are a non-profit cemetery, we cannot sell memorials to be placed in other cemeteries.