Flush Granite Marker

8"x16" Flush Marker

This type of marker fits the requirements for a baby/infant grave
A baby/infant grave is a smaller grave meant to accomodate the remains of a baby or infant. If you are unsure if what you have is a baby/infant grave, please contact the office to verify.
, or a cremation grave
A cremation grave is found within our cremation garden. The grave is approximatly 2 feet squared in diameter. If you are unsure if what you have is a cremation grave, please contact the office to verify.

All flat markers are required to be made of solid granite, and the type of granite is what drives the cost of a marker. There are 6 price tiers for granite markers. Tier 1 is the least expensive, all the way to Tier 6. The photos below show a up close picture of the granite, when you click on the granite, it will show you what it will look like as a marker, and also see the price.

  • Georgia Grey Price Tier 1
  • Barre Grey Price Tier 2
  • Morning Rose Price Tier 2
  • Colonial Rose Price Tier 3
  • Coral Blue Price Tier 3
  • Mahagony Price Tier 3
  • Swan Mist Price Tier 3
  • Rainbow Price Tier 4
  • St. Cloud Grey Price Tier 4
  • India Red Price Tier 5
  • India Black Price Tier 5
  • Academy Black Price Tier 5
  • Jet Black Price Tier 5
  • Blue Pearl Price Tier 6
  • Impala Black Price Tier 6

  • The next step is choosing a design. Here are several designs to choose from. Click on a design to enlarge it.

  • Once you have a granite type and design chosen, click here to contact us, and we can guide you through the next steps in purchasing a memorial. We will also need to know whom the memorial is for to verify you are looking at the correct size memorial. Unfortunately, since we are a non-profit cemetery, we cannot sell memorials to be placed in other cemeteries.