Where To Start?

If a death has just occured in your family, let us help you navigate through this difficult time.

This page is designed to help those family members who may have just had a loss in their family. If you are looking for information to purchase cemetery property for a pre-need basis, please go to our pre-planning page.

First, we send our deepest condolences at this time of loss. Please use this page as a resource to help your family find the correct memorial and interment option for your loved one.

If you have not yet contacted a local funeral home, click here for a pdf list of local funeral homes near Union Cemetery. A funeral home will help guide you through the process of setting up memorial services, to having a grave-side service right here at the cemetery.

At Union Cemetery, we have several different options for memorialization, and interment. Please use the questionaire below, and we can help determine what options are best for your family.

Lets find the best option for you!

Are you thinking that the interment will be a full casket, or cremation?
A full casket interment is one where the body is not cremated, and the body is interred with a casket. A casket is a container that the deceased body is placed in. Union Cemetery offers many different options for the interment of a casket.

A cremation interment is one where the body is cremated, and the cremated remains are placed in a container, often reffered to as an urn.

Would you prefer to have burial in-ground, or above-ground?
Above-Ground options are one where the body or cremated remains are placed in a granite structure called a crypt or columnbarium. We have above ground options for both full casket entombments, and cremated remains inurnments.

In-Ground burials are burials of a casket or urn in the ground.

Would you like us to show you only the options within a specific budget? (click on interment type to determine options)