To Pre-Plan your own, or a loved ones death can seem morbid,
however at the time of death, a pre-planned funeral helps a family mourn together
rather than agonize over the details of a funeral.

Union Cemetery offers several different interment options. This webpage is designed to narrow down our options in regards to your preferences, and help you understand the process better. Hopefully, the process of purchasing cemetery plots is foreign to you, and not something you have had to do on a regular basis.

A pre-planned funeral is extremely helpful at the time of death. Grieving family members are not tasked with burdensome decisions at a time when they should be focusing on each other.

Use our questionaire below to help us narrow down our options for you. If you have any questions, please feel free to use our contact us page, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Lets find the best option for you!

Are you looking for full casket options, or cremation options? If you are looking for pre-need options for 2, and one person wants full casket, yet the other prefers cremation, choose Full Casket.
A full casket interment is one where the body is not cremated, and the body is interred with a casket. A casket is a container that the deceased body is placed in. Union Cemetery offers many different options for the interment of a casket.

A cremation interment is one where the body cremated, and the cremated remains are placed in a container, ofter reffered to as an urn.

Would you prefer in-ground or above-ground options?
Above-Ground options are one where the body or cremated remains are placed in a granite structure called a crypt or columnbarium. We have above ground options for both full casket entombments, and cremated remains inurnments.

In-Ground burials are burials of a casket or urn in the ground.

Would you like us to show you only the options within a specific budget? (click on interment type to determine options)