Memorial Brick

Around Roman Columbarium

Surrounding our Roman Columbarium is a sidewalk consisting of grey clay brick pavers. These clay pavers are unique that when you apply focused heat, the clay pavers will create a dark glass that is permanently adheared to the paver. We are able to make a permanent memorial out of each paver in the path.

If you are having an interment within the Roman Columbarium Ossuary, included in the cost is to have the name of the individual engraved in one of these pavers. You can have up to 4 lines of text on each paver, each extra line has a cost of $50.

If you would like to memoralize someone who is not interred in our cemetery, this is also an option that is available to you. Not only will you have a paver memorilizing a loved one, they will receive a memorial page on our website that will direct visitors to their paver, and the capability of uploading photos and memories for that person.

You can have up to 4 lines of text on each paver, and each line costs $50. If you would like to learn more about this option, please Contact Us.

Below is a photo of what an etched paver looks like.

Below is a photo of what the brick paver pathway up to, and around, the Roman Columbarium Ossuary looks like.