Bronze Nameplate

For Columbarium Niche

A Columbarium is an above ground building with a granite facade. Behind each granite panel is a container where cremated remains are placed. It is a unit where an urn is placed, once placed the unit is sealed, and granite facade is placed back on the outside.

Bronze nameplates are included in the cost of our columbarium niches excluding our Roman Columbarium. To get information on what is included on the Roman Columbarium, click here.

For a single niche, one line for the full name is cast into the nameplate. The birthyear and deathyear are also displayed. As seen in the photo below.

For a double niche, a line for the last name, two seperate lines for two names, birth years and death years are displayed, as seen in the photo below.

Also included in the price for our columbarium niches excluding the top row of the backwall of loving memories, is a flower vase. For the niches except for the Roman Columbarium, you have a choice of two different flower vases. One that has a cross, and the other that is plain. Photos of those options are below.