All Memorial Options

Here at Union Cemetery, we offer many different ways to memorilize your loved ones. Depending on the type of space that was chosen determines what type of memorials you can choose from.

Columbarium Niche Nameplate

For the majority of our columbarium niches, a bronze nameplate comes with the purchase.

To view our bronze columbarium nameplates Click Here.

Roman Columbarium Engraved Niche Front

Our Roman Columbarium is the one columbarium that we do laser etching on the niche front to memorilize your loved ones.

To view our Roman Columbarium etched niche fronts Click Here.

Roman Columbarium Memorial Brick

The brick paver path around our Roman Columbarium allows for memorilization on the clay pavers.

To view our Roman Columbarium memorial bricks Click Here.

Crypt Nameplate

For an above ground crypt, a bronze nameplate comes with the purchase.

To view our crypt nameplates Click Here.

8"x16" Flat Marker

We have cremation graves at Union Cemetery. A cremation grave is a smaller grave that allows for the interment of one cremation. You can memorilize a cremation grave with an 8"x16" flat marker.

To view our 8"x16" options Click Here.

2'x1' Flat Marker

For any full-sized in ground grave, you are able to place one 2'x1' marker at the base of each grave.

To view 2'x1' options Click Here.

3'x1' Flat Marker

If you have two full-sized in ground graves side by side, instead of the 2'x1' marker, you can have one 3'x1' marker installed centered at the base of the graves.

To view 3'x1' options Click Here.


Monuments can only be placed on a specified monument lot. Monument lots are strategically placed throughout the cemetery to provide for enough room for the monument itself, and to seperate the monuments to allow equipment in and out of our sections. A Monument Lot is selected at the time the lot is purchased, and is at least 2 graves.

To view monument options Click Here.

Veterans Memorial

Our Veterans Memorial allows for families to memorilize a veteran either interred in Union Cemetery, or not.

To view the memorilization options on our Veterans Memorial Click Here.