Cremation Urns

At Union Cemetery we offer a variety of Urns for cremated remains to be placed. If purchased through Union Cemetery, we can place the cremated remains inside the urn. Also, if you own a cremation niche, you can purchase an urn today, and we will store the urn in the niche and take it out at the time of need.

The urns with a asterix next to them are urns where we have determined 2 will fit in a standard size double niche.

Since Union Cemetery is a non-profit association, we cannot sell urns for use outside our cemetery.

For more information about purchasing an urn, please Contact Us.

Click on the urn to view a larger picture.

  • Going Home* Brass Urn $150.00
  • Lattice* Brass Urn $150.00
  • Maus Earth* Brass Urn $150.00
  • Maus Granite* Brass Urn $150.00
  • Classic Bronze* Brass Urn $150.00
  • Classic Pewter* Brass Urn $150.00
  • Athena Pewter* Brass Urn $150.00
  • Athena Bronze* Brass Urn $150.00
  • Classic Radiance* Brass Urn $150.00
  • Rose* Brass Urn $150.00
  • Grecian Bronze* Brass Urn $200.00
  • Grecian Rustic Bronze* Brass Urn $200.00
  • Grecian Rustic Pewter* Brass Urn $200.00
  • Marbelon Urn - Tyler (White w/Brown Swirls) $190.00
  • Marbelon Urn - Harrison (White w/White Swirls) $190.00
  • Marbelon Urn - Jade (Green w/Black Swirls) $190.00
  • Marbelon Urn - Pink (White w/Pink Swirls) $190.00
  • Marbelon Urn - Gold (White w/Gold Swirls) $190.00
  • Marbelon Urn - Jackson (Black w/White Swirls) $190.00
  • Marbelon Urn - Ruby (Rose w/White Swirls) $190.00